The Lake Fork Sportsman's Association (LFSA) has established the Jesse Parker Memorial Scholarship in honor of long time Lake Fork guide and businessman, Jesse Parker. The scholarship is in the amount of $2000, payable at $1000 a year provided all requirements as set forth below are met.


The scholarship is open to high school graduating seniors. Preference will be given to students pursuing a career in the outdoors such as fisheries, biology, game warden, wildlife management etc. The purpose of the scholarship is to help insure that the outdoor experience will continue to be available for future generations to enjoy. The Lake Fork Sportsman's Association recognizes that this effort will require well-trained individuals.


Applicant Selection:


Applicants shall be selected from high schools in the immediate areas of Lake Fork (Wood, Rains and Hopkins Counties). In addition, close relatives of LFSA members (son/daughter or grandchildren) shall be given consideration, when appropriate.


The Application:


A completed application is to be forwarded to the committee by April 15, 2015. The award will be based on applicants (1) showing the most need, (2) demonstrating civic involvement, (3) principal recommendation, (4) scholastic ability and (5) submitting a short essay about the applicant's love of the outdoors and perhaps their most memorable outdoor moment, experience or achievement.


Determination of the Winner:


The selection criteria will use a point system that awards a maximum of 100 points for demonstration of most need, 90 points for civic involvement, 85 points for principal recommendation, 80 points for scholastic ability and 75 points for applicants entering into a career in the outdoors such as fisheries, biology, game warden, wildlife management etc. and 50 points each for other factors considered relevant by the Scholarship Committee. In case of a tie, a decision of the Committee will be final. Proof of acceptance to a college must be available to the Lake Fork Sportsman's Association prior to issuance of the scholarship funds.


Opportunity for Second-Year Scholarship:


A student awarded the Jesse Parker Memorial Scholarship for the first year in college will be afforded an opportunity to receive a second $1000 scholarship upon entering the second year in college. To receive the award the student must provide a copy of his/her first year transcript showing a minimum of 12 hours of course study for each semester, a GPA of at least 2.5 and a copy of the enrolled course curriculum for year two (a minimum of 12 hours of course credit required). The responsibility for completing the requirements shall be that of the recipient student.


The Lake Fork Sportsman's Association requests the student inform the Association of their current phone number and address while in college. A reminder of the availability of the scholarship may be sent to the student prior to the end of the first college term.


Click Here to download the scholarship application.


Previous Scholarship Winners