Project Identification/Tracker Fingerling Releases

Date: 2/12/2018 By: Ed Swenson

Project Objective: SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVE the SURVIVABILTY of annual PURE FLORIDA FINGERLING RELEASES from the Athens Fish Hatchery into LAKE FORK by developing methods and processes coordinated with TPWD/Athens Hatchery.

Project Plans: The plan includes a 2 Track approach that will engage the LFSA, TPWD and Lake Fork area community in efforts to identify resources (people, equipment and locations) for the Fingerling Releases.

Track1: Provide support to the Hatchery personnel by having LFSA resources available to direct the Hatchery trucks to 1 of 8 pre-approved release sites located at the upper ends of creeks and coves around the lake. This will allow for release into areas that have excellent habitat thus improving survivability.

Track2: LFSA will plan and organize the timing, equipment, sites and communication with the local community in order to successfully release Fingerlings at multiple sites using "bagging" operations that will result in distribution all around Lake Fork by LFSA and interested personnel. The success, enthusiasm experienced and wide Fingerling distribution around the lake with the initial project in 2017 (161 bags distributed by 20+ boats and wide distribution around the lake) will result in expanding the scope of the project to include more community participation.

Project Schedule: The project schedule will be driven by the schedule of the Athens Hatchery and there can be some variability due to the nature of the process. It is expected that the releases will be made in the early April to mid-May timeframe.

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