Since coming to pool in 1986 Lake Fork has had an abundance of timber and other aquatic vegetation that has provided shelter for spawning fish and fingerlings. As the lake has aged, as well as the drought in 2009, the available habitat has sharply declined.

To correct this the LFSA and Texas Parks and Wildlife have jointly begun a habitat restoration project. It was TPWD’s recommendation that the Button Bush would be an ideal replacement for lost vegetation. Button Bush is a deciduous shrub or small tree that averages 3–9 ft in height.

In 2011 we jointly planted 1,000 button bush seedlings in various low population areas around the lake. Because of the severe drought, the survival of these seedlings was questionable.

TPWD found  a supplier who could provide more mature button bush plants that were in pots. TPWD approached the LFSA and asked that we partner in another planting. LFSA members approved the purchase of 400 of these plants and planting took place during the month of November. The survival rate of this planting proved to be better than expected.

Because cost of purchasing potted plants would prove to be prohibitive a plan was developed to plant and grow Button Bush from purchased bare root plants. To accomplish this plan the LFSA partnered with Yantis ISD AG program who would utilize their greenhouse. Since 2011 these students have grown and planted over 2500 Button Bush plants. The partnership between LFSA, TPWD and Yantis AG students is on-going, and we will continue this important habitat restoration project.


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