Date: 2/12/2018 By: Ed Swenson

Project Purpose:

Improving habitat has been an ongoing project for LFSA with TPWD and the Yantis FFA. This phase of the project is to expand the options for growing and planting other types of aquatic plants beyond the current Button Bush and Bald Cypress plants. TPWD has identified some plants that would provide additional cover in deeper water from the shoreline than is currently being grown and would like to be able to evaluate different options with the intent to successfully diversify habitat restoration capabilities.

Project Objectives:

  • A means to evaluate early plant starting (late summer early fall), wintering in the greenhouse for increased size and survivability when planted in the spring of the following year
  • Evaluation of different plant types and their suitability for successfully growing, planting and surviving in the final lake environment
  • Possible evaluation of different growing methods to establish best practices going forward
  • Evaluation of compatibility of this phase with the current projects in terms of equipment, space and needed resources

Key Requirements:

  • Upgrades to the Greenhouse and purchase of additional equipment to support the growing process are required. These include addition of coolers to the Greenhouse to control temperature during the growing process, tanks to hold the plants, water control system to maintain the water levels for the submerged plants, possible lighting additions for the winter to promote growth during winter hours and potential unidentified expenses.
  • Identification of Plants to be used is critical and TPWD has done preliminary work to identify the potential plants to be used. They will also need to identify sources for the plants and provide them in the quantity needed for starting. In addition the pot size and potting material needs to be identified.

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